It’s a French Affair for Spellbound the newest release in

Jocelyn Shaw’s Collection
Sentiments,. Sentiments. Sentiments and lots of them!

Translated verses are available with the release of Spellbound. The classics from the first round of prints are now available on T-shirts, cards, CD and digital media. The artistry is transcending to new heights with expected new collaborations. The advent of including a part of the proceeds from cards, books and CD sales to Arts in Medicine launched in 2011 and is a wonderful addition to many more charitable events and contributions by other auteurs and media producers in the publishing business.

We We! We are sailing out on the Love Boat for this one and

it’s still hot, hot, hot. Take a look at the Fan Club products and join in the 2011 book Tour, lots of promotion for the author this year end is expected and the final release of Black Harlequin is the reigning expectation!

The goal is to have the cards and more translated and published into more than seven languages and lots of prints for the lover in you by 2012.

If we didn’t do it for you with Behind the Velvet, the premier to French expectations in literary poetic accomplishments, it’s certainly delivered in the craftsmanship found between the lines in Spellbound-
“You Put A Spell On Me…” and now it’s out.

Check the entire blog for excerpts and new poetry releases, tour locations and dates.

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J-Ligne sentiments is the poetry of Jocelyn Shaw and delivers the poetic content of the love letters that embody the soulful collection of poetry the author has delivered in several poetry books. Some of the most beautiful words make for the clothes of the soul as so published by Jocelyn when she says “some of the most beautiful garments are clothed in the words you want to hear” As a writer, author and artist the craftsmanship of the card is just as important as the artist’s subject, hour and mood. So we desire to make the words, the card, the one’s meant for you. J-Ligne by Jocelyn. J-Ligne sentiments including custom cards and custom paper, featuring our premier rose paper, the smell of roses lingers with the words of your soul.
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Hello from Jocelyn Shaw, poet, artist ( jocelyn-shaw-is-poet-of-the-21st-century-F1A06C2001DD24C) Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw Promo Ad J-Ligne Sentiments J-Ligne Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw WORDS,WITHOUT GOODBYE Jocelyn Shaw FLY AGAI

N, SPANISH VERSION Vuele otra vez Quel u n'a jamais eu by Jocelyn Shaw, What U Never Had Ballon Rouge by Jocelyn Shaw Apart by Jocelyn Shaw by Jocelyn Shaw'admiration by Jocelyn Shaw'magination, french version of Daydreaming by Jocelyn Shaw Shadow of A Kiss by Jocelyn Shaw- French Version After Sunset by Jocelyn Shaw Affairs of Time, A Call of Keeps by Jocelyn Shaw Herit-i by Jocelyn Shaw Fossille by Jocelyn Shaw BOOK PROMO TRAILER by Jocelyn Shaw PROMO ARTOLOGY BOOK PROMO by Jocelyn Shaw Manana by Jocelyn Shaw Indigene d' un autre monde/ Native of Another World by Jocelyn Shaw Fly Again by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw

We just lauched our 2014 campaign supporting Arts in Medicine & Poetry Therapy, a cooperative promotion for promoting the poetry, greeting cards and books by Jocelyn Shaw this year. Paypal your contributions to [email protected] and sign up for a free gift by commenting on the blog site and including your paypal email address (verification of your donation/contribution gift).

2014 Takes us abroad- Upcoming tour spots take us into the past and

New Releases!

When the end was without you If the day would never come Could you imagine the end Of this love affair, wouldn't wanna dream undone The strings of yesterday, then close me in your love, your arms, bind our love Forever, days that lay, weaving me in and across two desert stars, the day and nights If the day would never come Wouldn't want to pass the hours longing for love of yesterday without you When all that I could see depended on you In all that could come The most that would perrish Would be time without you Whenthe end was without you Couldn't turn the days pass and escape the hours Meant for two When the end of this affair was never meant to be without you Quand l'extrémité était sans toi si le jour ne viendrait jamais pourriez vous imaginer la fin de cette liaison amoureuse, ne voudriez pas au rêve défait les cordes d'hier, alors étroit je dans votre amour, vos bras, lie notre amour pour toujours, les jours qui s'étendent, me tissant dans et à travers deux le désert tie

The longest day too remember (Inspired by Feel No Pain artist Sade Adu) One day when you wake in your own way, fixed by the days, it won't be long before you remember, how it all came to be when a day lasted longer than what you thought you knew, when the dawn comes on the truth and still too many clouds in your eyes still standing in your days, all the days and now we know, when you want to forgive time dancing with you, too late to forgive days promised you, no understanding, no more waiting when the door knob turns on bed knobs and broomsticks, and you can't make it home, one day, it's too , too many rungs missing you, but what tomorrow has brung is too late, too late to forgive, when someday fixes you