LG BH4120S 5.1 Home Theater System - 330 W RMS - Blu-ray Disc Player

BH4120S Blu-ray Home Theater System, you get Blu-ray technology and surround sound

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TED Center, Attn: Judith Clark “Since the TED Center 's inception, it has been our personal goal to provide all of the services required for any business to succeed”
401 W. Atlantic Avenue, Suite O9, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Florida Literacy Coalition, 250 N. Orange Avenue,Suite 1110, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407)-246-7110,Fax: (407)-246 – 7104,  Florida Literacy Hotline (800) - 237 – 5113

Arts For Humanity

The Art of Living

Orange  Show  Center for Visionary Art

Foundation for Hospital Art!/pages/Foundation-for-Hospital-Art/168319417365

Art Council of Silicon Valley

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Long Beach Art Museum

Palo Alto Art Center

The Ringling

The Foundation Photo/Art in Hospitals

Kolodzei Art Foundation

The Rosewell Museum and Art Center


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LG BH4120S 5.1 Home Theater System - 330 W RMS - Blu-ray Disc Player

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Invitation for the Rose Bush Fundraiser- FR business philanthropy invitation to support cause in Business Venture Capital Campaign, Poetry Therapy & Arts & Medicine &

"Say it with Flowers" in our green movement

Join us for our upcoming Rose Bush Fundraiser in support of Poetry in the Arts/Arts in Medicine

and our Green Campaign with Shaw Mobile Fitness 

Wellness Event Fair- Calling/Hiring Consultants Seminar Speakers

Rose Bush Fundraiser- Paper Stock - We Are Green!!!

"Say it with Flowers" in our green movement literally means green in our eco-friendly card stock used to publish greeting cards and attract card buyers. The best sentiments said in the best way.

This is how the company is GREEN: 

Offsite travel Offsite outsourcing which saves energy use, 

Site Offset is GREEN!!!

In office recycling Organic materials 


Organic lunches for employees

Green Transporters  & Green shipping 



"Ways to be green"

Consider buying environmentally-friendly products that are:

  • Made from post-consumer, recycled materials
  • Bio-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Rated energy efficient, such as ENERGY STAR®
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Produced locally, such as organic food that is grown in your area

Implement waste management procedures throughout your operation, including:

  • Use post-consumer, recycled products
  • Eliminate the use of excessive product packaging materials
  • Optimize the use of paper products
  • Participate in recycling programs, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WasteWise

Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Ph.D/D.B.A

Educational Philanthropist/Poet/Author

Small Business Development Specialist

Charitable year end donations

National Association for Poetry Therapy

Spoken word poetry from classic to urban still remains the lyrical arts globally. Most of our listening pleasures are choregraphed with the calligraphy of music videos and songs without understanding that there is a real poet that makes for the foundation and blueprint of words, style and performance. Poetry unabridged, classic to urban, is our label and artistic balance of artists, talent and literary arts. Poet’s Corner is the premier artist community. There is currently an audience in the arts community that still loves to hear the poet stanzas of such historical art forms such as Maya Angelou, Zora Neal Hurston and many more dating back to the Harlem Renaissance/ Snap. Snap. Snap. Lights Dim and low music toast Poets on the Mic. Welcome to Poet’s Corner Unabridged!

We are highlighting two charitable organization this year in our Arts in Medicine campaign and Poetry Therapy:

Charity Greetings & National Association for Poetry Therapy (,


CELEBRATE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH A GIFT OF POETRY!Trying to find the right gift for a birthday, graduation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, retirement or other celebration? Giving the NAPT Foundation a contribution in honor of the person you're celebrating is a fabulous way to honor the recipient and poetry in the world today. Say Happy Birthday, Mazel Tov, Congratulations, or even I'm Thinking of You with a gift of poetry.
REMEMBER YOUR LOVED ONE WITH A CONTRIBUTION TO THE NAPT FOUNDATIONOne way to honor a loved one who had a special connection with poetry and healing, and do something meaningful in his/her memory, is to contribute to the NAPT Foundation. Such a gift adds to your loved one's legacy, supporting the power of poetry to bring healing, growth and transformation.

Charity Greetings

Charity Greetings was founded to provide our corporate clients an opportunity to support charitable causes through the purchase of greeting cards.

We enable companies and individuals to integrate sending their best wishes in a greeting card supporting Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity, through the purchase of the greeting cards.

20% of the proceeds of the sale of the cards from this site will be submitted to Canadian Tire Jumpstart. With each greeting card, you’re enabling children in financial need the opportunity to be actively involved in community-based organized sports and recreation.

All cards can be personalized with your company logo as well as a signature file. The greeting itself can be selected from traditional favourites or you can personalize your message.

As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, all cards are printed on recycled and FSC certified paper.

Exclusive images have been graciously supplied from world-renowned artist, Douglas R. Laird.

The Artist

Douglas was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1946. He immigrated to Canada in 1965. Doug became interested in art very early in life. By the age of fifteen, he apprenticed at an advertising agency / art studio in his hometown. During that time he also attended the Edinburgh College of Art where he studied life drawing and draped life extensively.

Douglas' travels throughout North America and Europe after his education have had a strong influence on the subject matter and medium now used in his paintings. He enjoys painting and feels comfortable in all mediums. His subjects include; landscape, nostalgia, still life, children and everyday activities.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart® is a community-based charitable program that helps kids in financial need participate in organized sport and recreation.

Jumpstart believes that all kids should have the opportunity to play. However, the reality is that 1 in 3 Canadian families cannot afford to enrol their children in sports and recreation activities (Vision Critical, 2011).

Canadian Tire Jumpstart was created to help provide kids in financial need with better access to the life benefits of community based organized sports and recreation. The charitable program covers registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.

Jumpstart facts:

  • Since its launch in February 2005, Jumpstart has helped give more than 417,835 kids in financial need the chance to play.
  • To date, we have more than 310 Chapters that work with over 1000 organizations across Canada (e.g. Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Parks and Recreation, YMCA-YWCAs) to discreetly identify children that would benefit from the program.
  • Jumpstart helps more than 98,000 Canadian kids annually.

By purchasing cards from Charity Greetings, you will be helping more kids to have the chance to play and grow.

When you purchase a greeting card from Charity Greetings each card has the following information about Jumpstart within it: This card supports a worthy cause. A portion of the proceeds was donated to Canadian Tire Jumpstart®. Canadian Tire Jumpstart® is a community based charitable program that helps kids in financial need participate in organized sport and recreation.

Learn all about Canadian Tire Jumpstart at:

Format / Prices
  • Images are created by D.R. Laird.
  • All cards trimmed to finished size of 7 1/4 x 5 1/8. Unless specified, black ink will be used.
  • Blank envelopes accompany each order. Envelopes are white wove, 24lb.
  • Cards are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified 12 point cover, coated 1 side, as part of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting sustainable forestry practices.
Price Schedule

Customized Greeting Cards, priced in Canadian dollars, shipping and taxes extra

$110.00 for each batch of 50 cards. Minimum order is 50 cards (1 batch).

For orders over 1,000 cards, contact [email protected] for discount pricing.

Shipping costs are extra. This is calculated based on shipping requirements and paid at the time of order. A handling fee is included with the shipping charges. No C.O.D. orders.

Taxes are extra and are calculated based on the province where the shipment is delivered.  Taxes are not applicable for orders shipped outside of Canada.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. If paying online, PayPal will convert to other currencies.

Online payments are done through the secure systems of PayPal and via Visa or MasterCard credit cards. If you prefer to pay by cheque, simply contact us at 647-223-3605. Be advised that orders paid for off-line will not be produced until your payment is received.


Proofs are provided online as a PDF as you compose your customized cards.  You will be asked to approve the proof.  If accepted, this constitutes your acceptance of the content and approval to proceed to print. Charity Greetings, a division of IcePick Marketing Inc.,  is not responsible for errors created by the end user.

All printing is done in CMYK which means that company logos that use PMS/Pantone or Special colours will be converted to CMYK values and absolute matching of special colour cannot be guaranteed.

Signatures will be printed in the colour of the supplied file.

Uploaded logos or signatures

Logos or signatures should be provided as high resolution, preferably 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF files.  Be advised that website logos are normally 72 dpi and will not reproduce well in print.

All printing is done in CMYK which means that company logos that use PMS/Pantone or Special colours will be converted to CMYK values and absolute matching of special colour cannot be guaranteed.

Signatures will be printed in the colour of the supplied file.

Logos and signatures can be uploaded and positioned as required.

Audio Version can be heard:

(or on Orkut


If the sky parted and the clouds missed you, would it still be the atmosphere that belonged apart of you and would you still find the sun in my eyes, if the sky was lonely for you and I, we couldn't miss if it was raining those same thoughts, that broke when it's new like the first drops of love that filled my heart and naked soul, the first sight of you divides and falls before the clouds could clothe you, I breathe and it's true if the sky were ever lonely it was for you and I

à part

Si le ciel séparé et les nuages s'ennuyaient de toi, ce néanmoins serait l'atmosphère qui a appartenu à part de toi et vous néanmoins trouverait le soleil dans mes yeux, si le ciel était isolé pour toi et I, nous ne pourrait pas manquer s'il pleuvait ces mêmes pensées, qui se sont cassées quand elles sont nouvelles comme les premières baisses de l'amour qui ont rempli mon coeur et âme nue, la première vue de toi se divise et des chutes avant que les nuages pourraient vous vêtir, je respire et il est vrai si le ciel étaient jamais isolé il était pour toi et I


Si el cielo dividido y las nubes le faltaran, sin embargo sería la atmósfera que perteneció aparte de usted y usted sin embargo encontraría el sol en mis ojos, si el cielo era solo para usted e I, nosotros no podría faltar si llovía esos mismos pensamientos, que se rompieron cuando son nuevos como las primeras gotas del amor que llenaron mi corazón y alma desnuda, la primera vista de usted se divide y las caídas antes de que las nubes podrían arroparle, respiro y es verdad si el cielo era siempre solo él estaba para usted e I

Once Expectations Live

if forever broke my silence would we still behave as once upon a time on yours and mine. Expectations, formal and closed door, it's alifetime of words and forever wuld be too long and too many days before we have to stay or wait. Can you promise to tell your wishes and still be surprised? Can you hear silence breaking in front of your eyes and it's the walk of endeavor we create, again and again, a neverending story that's yours and mine. Silence broken by forever and love unfolded breathlessly promises that shelter you and don't pass by, forevery stays a lifetime once upon a time to yours and mine.I would break that silence for yours eternal to hold, again and again

(french version of

Once Expectations Live)

Une fois que les espérances vivent

si se cassait pour toujours mon silence nous néanmoins nous comporterions en tant qu'il était une fois sur le vôtre et le mien. La porte d'espérances, formelle et fermée, c'est alifetime des mots et pour toujours le wuld soit trop long et trop de jours avant que nous devions rester ou attendre. Pouvez-vous promettre de dire vos souhaits et distillateur d'être étonné ? Pouvez vous entendre le silence se casser devant vos yeux et c'est la promenade de l'effort que nous créons, à plusieurs reprises, une histoire interminable qui est vôtre et la mienne. Amortissez cassés près pour toujours et les promesses à perdre haleine dévoilées par amour qui vous abritent et ne passent pas près, les séjours de forevery une vie il était une fois au vôtre et le mien. Je casserais ce silence pour le vôtre éternel à la prise, à plusieurs reprises

Spanish Version

Una vez que vivan las expectativas

(Once Expectations Live)

si se rompiera por siempre mi silencio sin embargo nos comportaríamos como érase una vez en el suyo y el mío. La puerta de las expectativas, formal y cerrada, es alifetime de palabras y el wuld sea por siempre demasiado largo y demasiados días antes de que tengamos que permanecer o esperar. ¿Puede usted prometer decir sus deseos y alambique ser sorprendido? Puede usted oír silencio el romperse delante de sus ojos y es la caminata del esfuerzo que creamos, repetidas veces, una historia interminable que sea la suya y la mía. Silencie quebrados cerca por siempre y sin aliento las promesas reveladas amor que le abriguen y no pasen cerca, las estancias del forevery un curso de la vida érase una vez el suyo y las mías. Rompería ese silencio para el suyo eterno al asimiento, repetidas veces



when we love like no other, I know not no other, no other pleases, then teases my taste for no other it's no wonder I'm still the way you left me when the trip is not over, cold grows empty, blankets of your heaven take me over courting your pastures and sounds of yesterday make the road that we trave., I'm over and gone by the time tomorrow comes, waiting for beyond in your arms. It's just a gesture, maybe a measure when we love like no other and bliss the night and day that comes before it's here. Your're the one that's holding my tongues of foreign andnative, deeper than the core of my heart, I['m still, until we join, then it's over and I see youo from above, you're in my heaven a halo over my smile, I'm still, I can't wait to love you again tomorrow, the day a way, until tomorrow and tomorrow takes you away we lover like no other

'it' no wonder

I'm still the way you left me

maybe a measure,

bliss the night and day that comes

before it's here

then it's over before I know not, no other when we love

Mañana (spanish version)

 cuando amamos como ningún otro, no sé a no ningún otro, ningún otro satisface, después embroma mi gusto para ningún otro que no es ninguna maravilla sigo siendo la manera usted a la izquierda yo cuando el viaje no encima, frío crezco vacío, las mantas de su cielo me toman el excedente que corteja sus pastos y los sonidos de ayer hacen el camino que trave., yo somos excesivos e idos para el momento en que venga mañana, esperando más allá adentro sus brazos. Es justo un gesto, quizá una medida cuando amamos como ningún otro y dicha la noche y el día que viene antes de que esté aquí. Your're el que está sosteniendo mis lengüetas de andnative extranjero, más profundas que la base de mi corazón, I ['todavía m, hasta que ensamblamos, entonces es excesiva y veo youo de arriba, usted soy en mi cielo un halo sobre mi sonrisa, yo todavía estoy, yo no puedo esperar para amarle otra vez mañana, el día una manera, hasta que las tomas usted lejos nosotros amante como ningún otro “él”

 ninguna maravilla yo siguen siendo mañana

y mañana la manera usted a la izquierda yo

 quizá una medida,

 dicha la noche y el día que viene

 antes de que esté aquí

entonces él encima antes de que sepa no, ningún otro cuando amamos

Demain (french version of "Tomorrow")

 quand nous aimons comme aucun autre, je ne sais non aucun autre, aucun autre ne satisfait, puis taquine mon goût pour aucun autre que ce n'est aucune merveille je suis toujours la manière vous encore je quand le voyage non plus de, froid se développe vide, les couvertures de votre ciel me prennent l'excédent allant au devant de vos pâturages et les bruits d'hier font la route que nous trave., je suis finis et allés avant que vienne demain, attendant là-bas dedans vos bras. Il est juste un geste, peut-être une mesure quand nous aimons comme aucuns autre et bonheur la nuit et le jour qui vient avant qu'il soit ici. Your're celui qui tient mes langues d'andnative étranger, plus profondes que le noyau de mon coeur, I ['m toujours, jusqu'à ce que nous nous joignions, alors il est fini et je vois le youo d'en haut, vous suis dans mon ciel un halo au-dessus de mon sourire, je suis toujours, je ne peux pas attendre pour vous aimer encore demain, le jour une manière, jusqu'à ce que demain et demain les prises vous loin nous amoureux comme aucun autre

 « il » aucune merveille

je sois toujours la manière vous encore je

 peut-être une mesure,

 bonheur la nuit et le jour qui vient

 avant qu'il soit ici

puis il plus d'avant que je sache pas, aucun autre quand nous aimons